PRHTemp101A Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Data Logg...

Low cost, state-of-the-art pressure, humidity and temperature data logger with 10 year battery life

$431.00 CAD
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks

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This Data Logger Requires IFC200 USB Cable & Software Package.

The PRHTemp101A is a pressure, relative humidity and temperature data logger, specifically designed to be compact and portable for use in a variety of applications such as museum and archive preservation, shipping and transportation, warehouse monitoring, HVAC and more.

The PRHTemp101A is MadgeTech’s latest addition to the 101A series of low cost, state-of-the-art data loggers. MadgeTech has taken the lead in offering the most advanced, affordable, battery powered data loggers in the world today.

The PRHTemp101A offers a 10 year battery life, 1 second reading rate, multiple start/stop functions, ultra-high speed download capability, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator, optional password protection, programmable high-low alarms and more.

Using the MadgeTech Software, starting, stopping and downloading from the PRHTemp101A is simple and easy for users. Graphical, tabular and summary data is provided for analysis and data can be viewed in °C, °F, °R, and °K, for the temperature channel, % RH, mg/mL, Dew Point, for the humidity channel and mbar, PSI, inHg, mmHg, atm, Torr, Pa, m, kPa, MPa for the pressure channel. The data can also be automatically exported to Excel® for further calculations.

As the leader in low power data logger technology, MadgeTech continuously improves its products and develops solutions to meet ever-changing industry needs. The PRHTemp101A was designed with our customers in mind. MadgeTech offers free firmware upgrades for the life of the product so that data loggers already deployed in the field can grow with new technological developments. Units do not need to be returned to the factory for upgrades, this can be done automatically from any PC with the MadgeTech software.

• 10 year battery life
• Multiple start/stop function
• Ultra high speed download
• Memory wrap
• Battery life indicator
• Optional password protection
• Programmable high and low alarms
• CE compliant
• Field upgradable


Temperature Sensor


Temperature Range

-40°C -80°C (-40°F - 176°F)

Temperature Resolution

0.1°C (0.18°F)

Calibrated Accuracy

± 0.5°C


Humidity Sensor

Capacitive Polymer

Humidity Range

0% RH - 95% RH

Humidity Resolution

0.1% RH

Calibrated Accuracy

3.0% RH


Pressure Sensor


Pressure Range

250 mbar - 1300 mbar

Pressure Resolution

0.02 mbar

Calibrated Accuracy

10 mbar



688,128 readings

412,876 readings (manual or trigger mode)

Reading Rate

1 reading every 1 s up to 1 reading every 24 hrs

Baud Rate


Wrap Around



Digital calibration through software

Calibration Date

Automatically recorded within device

Start Modes

Immediate start

Delay start up to 18 months

Multiple pushbutton start/stop

Stop Modes

Manual through software

Timed (specific date and time)

Real Time Recording

May be used with PC to monitor and record data in real time

Time Accuracy

± 1 min/month @ 25°C

Data Format

Date and time stamped °C, °F, K, °R, % RH, mg/mL, Dew Point, mbar, inHg, mmHg, atm, Torr, Pa, kPa, MPa units specified through software

LED Functionality






Green LED blinks:

10 s rate to indicate logging

15 s rate to indicate delay start mode/standby (waiting to start)


Red LED blinks:

10 s rate to indicate low battery and/or full memory

1 s to indicate alarm condition met

Password Protection

An optional password may be programmed into the device to restrict access to configuration options.  Data may be read without the password.

Engineering Units

Native measurement units can be changed to display measurement units of another type

Battery Type

3.6 V lithium battery included; user replaceable

Battery Life

10 year battery life typical, at a 15 min reading rate


Programmable high and low limits; alarm is activated when recording environment reaches of exceeds set limits (pressure channel only)

Computer Interface

USB (interface cable required) 115,200 baud


XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8


ABS Plastic


1.4 in x 2.2 in x 0.6 in (36 mm x 56 mm x 16 mm)

Operating Environment

-40°C - 80°C (-40°F - 176°F), 0% RH - 95% RH, Non-condensing

0.002 PSIA - 100 PSIA


0.8 oz (24 g)



• Museum, archive and gallery artwork preservation
• Warehouse monitoring
• Measuring barometric pressure in high-rise buildings (elevators)
• Shipping and transportation
• Clean rooms
• Clinical laboratories
• Altitude validation and studies

IFC200 Data Logger Interface
USB interface cable package for standard series data loggers
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$160.65 CAD
LTC-7PN Lithium Battery
3.6 V, lithium battery, 750 mAH
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$14.00 CAD
MadgeTech 4 Secure Validation Software Package
IQ/OQ/PQ secure software validation workbook and software package
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$1,890.00 CAD