PUB Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Kit

Portable and non-invasive, capable of 20 hours continuous operation with built-in, rechargeable battery

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The Series PUB & PUF Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Kits utilize the transit-time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively. They are compact and lightweight instruments incorporating the latest electronics and signal processing technologies, realizing high performance and easy operation. These devices are perfect for on-the-go flow monitoring, capable of 20 hours continuous operation with built-in, rechargeable battery. The PUB comes with a rugged carrying case with molded foam inserts while the PUF boasts an IP67 rated case to hold and protect all equipment conveniently. Their screens offer easy to read text with convenient backlight for visual comfort. The efficient layout of the function keys adds to these units’ easy to use programming. These series offer analog as well as a pulsed outputs.

Two sensors are placed on the exterior of the pipe, and each transmits an ultrasonic pulse through the pipe and fluid to the other. The velocity of the liquid flowing through the pipes causes the pulse to accelerate or decelerate. The difference in the transit times of the two pulses is used to calculate the flow rate. The use of transit time allows the flowmeter to be unaffected by pressure or temperature changes

Kit Includes:
• Converter
• Set of transducers
• Transducer holders
• Set transducer cables (6.56 ft (2 m))
• 4 - 20 mA communication cables
• 12 VDC power supply
• Ultrasonic coupling grease
• Set of chains
• Ruled guide rail
• Test block
• Carrying case

Service Homogeneous liquids that do not contain air bubbles capable of ultrasonic wave propagation
Inputs Lemo connector cable from sensors
Range 0.33 f/s - 5.62 ft/s (0.1 m/s - 20 m/s)
Display 240 x 64 pixel graphic display, high contrast black on white with backlight;
Languages: English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Russian, Norwegian, and Dutch; 5.2" W x 1.5" H
Accuracy 0.5 to 2% of flow reading for flow rate > 0.66 ft/s (0.2 m/s) and pipe ID > 2.95 in (75 mm);
3% of flow reading for flow rate > 0.66 ft/s (0.2 m/s) and pipe ID in range 0.512 in - 2.95 in (13 mm - 75 mm);
6% of flow reading for flow rate < 0.66 ft/s (0.2 m/s)
Power Requirements 9 - 24 VDC, one (1) 5-Cell NiMH battery, internal, factory replaceable (continuous operation time: 20 hrs with back-light and output off) (recharging time: 6.5 hrs, power adapter used)
Power Adapter 110/240 VAC adapter. UK, US, European adapters included
Temperature Limits -4F - 275F (-20C - 135C)
Outputs Analog: 1 opto-isolated output: 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 16 mA or 0 - 20 mA (selectable);
Error current: 0 - 26 mA (selectable);
Load resistance: 620 Ω max;
Pulse: 1 opto-isolated MOSFET relay, 150 mA max, 500 pps max, 200 Hz max
Enclosure Rating Converter: IP54; Transducers: IP51
Materials Flame retardant injection molded ABS plastic
Repeatability 0.5 % of measured value or 0.066 ft/s (0.02 m/s)
Electrical Connections Multi-pin Lemo plugs
Turbidity < 3% by volume of particulate content
Permissible Air Content < 3% by volume
Response Time < 500 ms
Weight Unit without accessories: 2.3 lb (1.06 kg);
Unit with accessories in carrying case: 13.23 lb (6.0 kg)
Agency Approvals CE
Applicable Pipe Material Carbon steel, SS, copper, UPVC/PVDF, concrete, galvanized steel, mild steel, glass, brass
Applicable Pipe Lining Rubber, glass, concrete, epoxy, steel, other*

*Selectable option for special material with known propagation rate of the lining material
Pipe Wall Thickness 0.04 in - 3 in (1 mm - 75 mm)
Pipe Lining Thickness < 1 in (< 25 mm)

• Treated water
• River water
• Potable water
• Demineralized water
• Glycol/water mix
• Hydraulic system
• Diesel oil
• Sea water