` QTS-1300 Series Oxygen Transmitter/Sensors

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QTS-1300 Series Oxygen Transmitter/Sensors

Robust, low cost, analog output, sensor elements have a typical life span of two to ten years

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The QTS-1300 Series is the latest advancement in low cost analog output oxygen transmitters. The compact sensor elements have a typical life span of two to ten years, are easily field replaceable, and do not require electrolyte replenishment. With rapid response to the target gas and stable zero readings, these sensors retain their sensitivity to oxygen. The two wire transmitters are available in a variety of ABS or explosion- proof Nema rated enclosures. The transmitter operates on a power supply range of 12-36 VDC with an output of 4-20mA DC into 750 Ohms (at 24 VDC), making it useable with any standard intrinsic safety barrier. With integral RFI and EMI protection, this is the most robust transmitter available in its class.