` QTS-6000 Series Toxic Gas Transmitter/Sensors

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QTS-6000 Series Toxic Gas Transmitter/Sensors

Two wire transmitters, sensor elements have a typical life of two to three years and are easily field replaceable

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The QTS-6000 Series is the latest advancement in economical loop powered analog output toxic gas transmitters. This universal transmitter can be easily configured via solderless shorting links for any of a wide variety of plug-in electrochemical sensors.

120 (CL2) Chlorine, 123 (CLO2) Chlorine Dioxide, 125 (HCL) Hydrogen Chloride, 140 (SO2) Sulphur Dioxide, 150 (NO2) Nitrogen Dioxide, 220 (NH3) Ammonia, 240 (O3) Ozone can be supplied in Explosion proof enclosure type, however, the sensor assemblies are NOT explosion proof rated.

• Electrochemical fuel cells
• H2S, Cl2, SO2, HCN, CO, NO, NO2, NH3 and O2etc.
• 4 - 20 mA DC output
• Explosion-proof, weather-proof, and general purpose enclosures
• Non-Intrusive calibration, optional relay and RS-485 communication with QTS-8000 Series