` S230 SevenCompact Conductivity Meter

Mettler Toledo

S230 SevenCompact Conductivity Meter

Single key press measurement or calibration, intuitive menu settings consisting of full sentences in 12 languages

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Truly intuitive operation

Starting a measurement or calibration requires only a single keypress. Menu settings are intuitive, consisting of full sentences in 12 languages.

High-resolution color display

The 4.3 inch color display with its large digits and well arranged icons makes the relevant data identifiable at a glance.

Connectivity and peripherals

Boost the productivity of your instrument by connecting peripherals, such as a printer, PC, USB-stick and barcode reader.

• Applications range from routine measurements through sample analysis, data handling and data archiving (GLP-compliant)
• Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM™) eliminates mistakes with automatic identification of the sensor upon connection
• Felixable calibration; offers choice of 13 pre-defined standards, user-defined standards or manual input of cell constant
• Vertical uPlace™ movement ensures perfect positioning of electrode in sample for faster measurements and reduced risk of sensor damage and/or vessel upending
• Prominant display is 4.3 in. high-resolution color, with large digits and well-arranged icons for identification at a glance
• Two display views; uFocus™ screen delivers task-centric, of-the-moment data/readings
• A single keypress switches from one display to the other
• Includes integrated USB and RS-232 interfaces for data exchange

Parameter Conductivity
Channel Single-channel
Version Kit Meter only (S230)
Ready-to-measure kit (S230-Std-kit, S230-USP/EP-Kit)
Conductivity Measuring Range 0.001 μS/cm 1000 mS/cm
Conductivity Resolution 0.001 1
Conductivity Accuracy () 0.5 %
Temperature Range -30 C 130 C
Temperature Resolution 0.1C
Temperature Accuracy () 0.1C
Portable No
Security and Compliance GLP
Password protection
User management
ISM Support Yes
Memory Size 1.000 measurements
Data Transfer PC
USB stick
Flexibilty and modularity Barcode reader
Protection Rating Watertight and dustproof (IP54)