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SKS Biogas Sight Glass with Light, Wiper & Camera System

Biogas sight glass for digester tanks and methane digester tanks, creates gas tight seal by conforming to cement walls and ports used in digester tank construction

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A new sight glass specifically designed for installation in digester tanks used in biogas production. The RD300 sight glass has an innovative expanding gasket that conforms to irregularities in the cement walls and ports used in digester tank construction, creating a gas-tight seal.

A growing interest in alternative energy is fueling the construction of biogas facilities, which typically have large concrete digester tanks. Sight glasses are required at the tank work platforms where operators set mixing devices at optimum positions. A gas-tight seal is required to meet safety standards.

The RD300 sight glass has a tubular rubber gasket around its perimeter, sandwiched between high grade steel rings. As the mounting screws are tightened, the inner and outer rings draw together and force the gasket to expand. In addition, the sight glass includes three angled mounting brackets that are long enough to accommodate the depth of the container wall.

The RD300 sight glass is available with several options that are important for biogas applications. The unit may be ordered with an optional motorized wiper, a manually operated wiper, and a washer assembly. By turning a valve, operators can direct water spray on the interior of the glass. The spray tube is made of high quality stainless steel. Alternatively, the spray tube can be used to take fermentation gas from the container.

An optional Lumiglas® light is designed to hinge mount on the metal ring, providing directionally adjustable illumination. An optional Lumiglas VISULEX video camera may be mounted that provides remote observation of processes. Both the light and camera carry Cenelec IIc explosion proof ratings (Zones 1 & 2).

• Mounting: bracket or sanitary clamp mount
• Explosion proof: Ex Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, Group IIc and IIIc
• Material: stainless steel
• Glass: soda lime
• Window size: 225 mm
• Resolution: 480 lines, 0.4 megapixels
• Type of video: CCD
• Zoom lens: 10X optical, x4 digital
• Light source: halogen