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Setra Systems

SPB48 Power Battalion

Flexible, multi-circuit power meter designed to significantly reduce the cost per metering point as well as decrease installation time

This product is obsolete and has been replaced by:
SPM Power Meter

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The Power Battalion 48 is a flexible, multi-circuit power meter designed to significantly reduce the cost per metering point as well as decrease installation time. The versatility of the device allows monitoring of two separate voltage sources from the same meter. It can be used with both standard CT’s as well as Setra Patrol Flex CT’s and monitors up to 16 3-phase loads, 48 single phase loads or a combination of both to cover any application need.

Versatility - The Power Battalion 48 has two, three-phase voltage references allowing the end user to monitor both high and low voltage loads from the same meter. This is ideal for monitoring multiple load types including air handling units, chillers, pumps or capturing lighting loads. This flexibility makes the Power Battalion 48 suitable for retail, commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Easy Installation and Configuration - The Power Battalion 48 is line-powered and does not require external power. Its power supply can accommodate service voltages ranging from 90-600V which means one part number can cover any range. The meter is web browser enabled and can be configured at a desk via LAN or USB, eliminating the need to download software. While other meters require configuration in a live enclosure, the Power Battalion can be configured outside the panel therefore eliminating the risk of an arc flash event. The backlit display makes setting up the meter simple and the phase loss LED's ensure that the CT's are properly phased the first time.

CT Flexibility - The Power Battalion 48 provides the option to choose between standard split core CT's and the Setra Patrol Flex. Unlike the competitors who's CT's must be known at the time of ordering, the interchangeable CT's Setra offers mean more flexibility at the job site or when making last minute changes. The Patrol Flex Rogowski Coils are industry best with 0.5% accuracy and when used in conjunction with the Battalion can be used for billing purposes.

• Dual voltage; Monitor two separate voltages and transformers on the same meter simultaneously
• Displays total harmonic distortion, waveform capture, phasor plot in real time
• 4-in-1 field selectable network communications: BACnet IP, MS/TP, Modbus TCP/RTU
• 1.8 KHZ processor; updates data every second
• Phase-Check verification shown on display
• Pluggable terminal blocks for easy wiring and verification
• Backlit display
• UL listed (enclosure option); UL recognized (mounting plate option)
• NEMA 1 enclosure or circuit board only models available
• Phase loss alarm relay
• 125 communication object points/registers per meter to choose from
• On-board 12 V power supply for external sensors
• 5 year warranty, BTL certified

• High Density Electrical Distribution Panels
• Demand Side Management
• Preventative Maintenance
• Retail Store Lighting Loads
• LEED Projects
• Chiller Optimization

SPP-ACC Voltage & Fuse Leads
Voltage and fuse leads for the Setra Power Patrol & Power Squad 24
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
Starting At
$46.26 CAD
900900-G USB Communication Cable
USB Communication Cable, Type A to B for the Setra Power Battalion 48
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$45.82 CAD
900901-G USB Flash Drive
USB flash drive, headstart software for the Setra Power Battalion 48
Normally ships in 1-2 Weeks
$45.82 CAD