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SRX2 Smart Reader

Self-powered, multi-channel data logger effortlessly and accurately logs and records temperature and relative humidity data

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 This self-powered, multi-channel data logger effortlessly and accurately logs and records temperature and relative humidity data and can be easily expanded to monitor additional parameters, such as indoor air quality, simply by connecting a wide range of off the shelf sensors.

A first in the industry, the ACR SRX2 introduces two-stage alarming (Warning and Critical) to alert users of situations that might be headed to critical status before actually reaching that critical point.
Two-stage alarming gives the user the ability to set both high and low alarm thresholds on two separate channels and send notifications of conditions as they change or progress towards a critical end point. For example, the SRX2 can notify the user that the temperature of a fridge is beginning to fail (Warning) before the temperature change can affect the stored product (Critical). The SRX2 is the perfect solution for critical process monitoring.

• 16-bit resolution for unprecedented accuracy.
• Visual functional and alarm indicator LEDs for ease of use.
• Reliable and fast downloading through a USB MiniB interface.
• Non-volatile memory so you never lose your data.
• Data logger equations that are stored in the data logger allowing for easy portability and data sharing.
• Free basic software (TRX Basic), giving you the capability to assess your data on the fly with the ability to upgrade to TRX Pro for many more advanced features!

Operating Limits -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Dry locations only
Resolution 16-bit, for greater accuracy
Memory Size 1 Million Readings
Sample Rates 10s to 24h
Clock Accuracy 1 seconds per day
Sampling Methods Continuous (first-in-first-out) / Stop when full
Immediate start/ Delay start - up to 2 months
Spot / Averaged Readings
Alarm 2 high & low thresholds (warning and critical) per channel latch / self-reset: LED indicators
Two open collector transistor switched outputs:
Closed max resistance = 4 to 5 ohms
Open Min resistance = 1M (if Vin more then 5V) OR 2M (if Fin less then 4V0
Max allowed Current = 350 mA
Max allowed Voltage = 15V

• Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
• HVAC Systems, Testing & Balancing
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Storage
• Facility Management Backup System
• Building Envelope Monitoring


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