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SRX3 Smart Reader

Engineered to support a wide range of applications critical to the electrical industry:

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 Introducing the SRX3, a self-powered, multi-channel data logger meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of the electrical industry. Capable of monitoring and recording up to 7 separate 5V inputs, the SRX3 integrates seamlessly with voltage and current transducers to deliver precise 3-phase AC power measurements. Whether you're conducting detailed energy audits, performing load studies, or optimizing energy management strategies, the SRX3 provides the accuracy and reliability you need.

Essential for Electrical Industry Professionals
The SRX3 is engineered to support a wide range of applications critical to the electrical industry:
• Energy Audits: Conduct thorough energy usage assessments to identify inefficiencies.
• 30-Day Load Studies: Analyze load patterns to optimize performance and cost-efficiency.
• Energy Management Strategy Development: Formulate effective strategies to control and reduce energy consumption.
• Energy Baseline Studies: Establish accurate baselines for future energy performance comparisons.
• Determine Energy Consumption: Precisely measure consumption to facilitate cost-saving measures.
• Startup and Long-Term Load Analytics: Monitor performance during startup phases and over extended periods.
• Plug Load Equipment Monitoring: Track energy usage of individual electrical devices.
• Lighting Systems Monitoring: Ensure optimal efficiency of lighting systems.
• Compressor Monitoring: Maintain and optimize the performance of industrial compressors.
• LEED Certification Support: Gather necessary data to support LEED certification for sustainable buildings.
Advanced Features for the Electrical Professional
The SRX3 data logger is packed with features designed to meet the precise requirements of electrical professionals:
• Wide Sensor Compatibility: Connect with various sensors for a tailored and comprehensive monitoring solution.
• Extensive Data Storage: Store up to 1 million readings to ensure detailed and uninterrupted data collection.
• Visual Alarms: Flashing LED alarm lights alert you to warning and critical conditions in real-time.
• Two-Stage Alarming: Receive both warning and critical level notifications to stay ahead of potential issues.
• High Precision: 16-bit resolution provides the precision necessary for accurate electrical measurements.
• NIST Calibration: Calibrate to NIST standards to achieve the highest level of measurement accuracy.
• Portable Equations: Enable faster data downloads and collaboration with less user intervention.
• Simplified Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports with a single button click.
• Custom Configuration Wizards: Easily configure custom equations and settings for specific monitoring needs.
Why the SRX3 is the Ideal Choice for Electrical Industry Professionals
Choosing the SRX3 data logger means investing in a tool that offers robust functionality, precision, and ease of use tailored to the electrical industry. With its comprehensive features and reliable performance, the SRX3 ensures you have the accurate data necessary to make informed decisions about energy management and electrical performance. Each SRX3 comes with TRX Basic software and a Mini USB interface cable, providing all you need to start monitoring immediately.

• Ability to connect to a wide range of sensors
• Capable of storing up to 1 million readings
• Flashing LED alarm lights
• Two-stage alarming (warning and critical)
• 16-bit resolution provides greater precision
• One-button report generation

Battery 3.6V Lithium 3 year warranty
Channel 0 - Internal Temp Resolution: 0.01C
Range: -40C - 85C
Accuracy: 0.3C (0C to 70C)
Accuracy: 1C (-40C to 85C)
Channels 1 to 7 DC Voltage Input Impedance: ~ 1 Megohm
Resolution: 16-bit
Range: 0 5V DC
Accuracy: 0.5% Full Scale
Clock Accuracy 1 seconds per day
LED Status & Alarm Lights High & Low thresholds per channel
Latch / Self-reset
Memory Size 1 Million Readings
Operating Limits -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F)
0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Sample Rates 10s to 24 hours (normal mode)
50 ms to 10 s (powered fast mode)
Sampling Methods Continuous (first-in-first-out) / Stop when full
Immediate start / Delayed start - up to 2 months
Spot / Averaged Readings
Size 111 mm (4 3/8") x 74mm (2 15/16") x 27 mm (1 1/16")
Status Indicator Flash rate: 10 seconds
Green: logging
Blue: delayed start
Yellow: alarm warning
Red: critical alarm
Magenta: memory full
Weight 140g (5 oz)
Alarm Connector Alarm Connector Critical & Warning connections
Maximum 15V
Maximum 350mA

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