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TL21/TL01 Analog Two-Wire Transmitters

Loop powered temperature transmitter with 4-20mA Output, linearized, 0.05% accuracy

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For nearly a quarter century the Model TL transmitter has been diligently monitoring and controlling temperature in processes where accuracy, stability, and repeatability are of paramount importance to product quality, efficiency and/or safety. Calibration of the device is easily accomplished through highly sensitive non-interactive zero and span potentiometers. Large rugged terminals insure easy and secure wire connection. Although current transmitter technology has transcended this design, the model TL has proven to be a workhorse in thousands of processes across all industries and continues to be specified for new as well as replacement applications.

With .05% of span accuracy linearized with temperature, the Model TL transmitter delivers high accuracy and precise adjustability. The trim potentiometers are designed for high stability and ease of adjustment for applications where accuracy is an imperative.

The transmitter may be installed in a connection head or mounted separately from the sensor in a panel on snap-track or on a DIN rail (optional adaptor TT02).

• High accuracy: .05% of span
• Non-interactive wide range zero and span adjustment
• Outstanding ambient temperature range • Low temperature coefficient • EMI/RFI protected
• Metal foil pots
• Snap track and remote mounting

Accuracy 0.05%
Temperature Range Zero -200 to 400C
Temperature Range Span 50 to 700C
Temperature Range Absolute -200 to 500C
Drift 0.01% of span or 0.01C per C change in ambient temperature
Adjustment Range Zero 25C
Adjustment Range Span 25% (rangeable -200 to 600C)
Ambient Temp. Range -40 to 85C
Sensor Burnout Indication Upscale
Supply Voltage Min 10V
Supply Voltage Max 40V
Output Limits High 33mA
Output Limits Low 3.2mA
EMI/RFI Immunity Input/output filtering
Power Supply Effect 0.005%