` ValProbe RT Humidity Temperature Logger


ValProbe RT Humidity Temperature Logger

Give users real-time data viewable on their Validation Console

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The ValProbe RT logger with humidity and temperature sensors comes with RF technology to give users real-time data viewable on their Validation Console. With a humidity range of 15% to 95%, and a temperature range from 0°C to 70°C, this logger has a wide range of capabilities for temperature and humidity mappings.

Digital sensor technology delivers unrivalled measurement accuracy and the new logger electronic design guarantees long battery life. Operator programmable sample rates starting at 1 second, allow collection of up to 100,000 data points per sensor.
We designed this humidity logger with the end user in mind. At Kaye we understand that sending loggers back to the manufacturer for factory calibration, verifications, or repairs can slow down your production. That’s why this new ValProbe RT logger is built with a field-replaceable digital sensor. This allows users to quickly and cost-effectively replace the sensor without having to send the entire logger back to the calibration lab. The sensors are pre-calibrated before being sent to the user, guaranteeing precision and accuracy right from the start.
When verifying for temperature, simply attach the 1-meter extendable cable sensor for easy verification in a drywell, like the Kaye LTR-150. This dry block allows users to verify up to 18 humidity/temperature ValProbe RT loggers at once, saving a substantial amount of time. Once the probe is inserted into the dry block, the ValProbe RT software will perform an automatic verification and verify the temperature at multiple set points, determining the accuracy of the logger.
Verifying relative humidity is also easy by using a portable humidity test chamber, which will evaluate the performance of multiple ValProbes at a time. The RT software will perform an automatic verification of the humidity sensors to show if the loggers have drifted. Additionally, reports can be generated automatically inside the ValProbe RT software, simplifying the process to review the report of the loggers.

• High accuracy measurement: 2% on humidity and 0.1°C for temperature
• 100,000 data samples per sensor
• Field-replaceable digital temp/humidity sensor
• 1 meter sensor extension cable
• Economical field-replaceable battery
• Operator programmable sample rate, start, delay and stop function

Specifications Humidity/Temperature
Sensor Type Digital RH/T Sensor
Sensor Length Up to 1 meter
Tip Diameter Sensor tip: 0.295, 7mm

Outer filter: 0.472, 12mm
Measurement Range Temp: 0C to 70C

Humidity: 15% to 95%
Accuracy 0C to 70C, 0.1C

15% to 95% RH, 2%
Kaye ValProbe RT Generic Specifications
Logger Dimensions Hight: 1,9'' / Diameter 1,4''
48mm / 36mm
Logger Material Stainless Steel 316L and Peek
Battery Field replaceable - 3.6V Lithium
Sampling Rate Starting at 1 sec
Data Storage 100.000 Samples retained in non-volatile memory
Real-Time Clock Accuracy < 15sec/day
Calibration NVLAP/DAkkS Calibration
Verification Automated User Verification capability
Sensing Element Digital Sensor
Environmental Temperature 0C to 70C
Environmental Humidity Non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance UL and CE

• Stability chambers
• Incubators
• Warehouses
• Temperature chambers

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