` ValProbe RT Temp Logger Rigid Sensors


ValProbe RT Temp Logger Rigid Sensors

Rigid sensors provide a vast temperature range from -85C to + 140C

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ValProbe RT Loggers provide a vast temperature range from -85°C to + 140°C.
RTD technology delivers unrivalled measurement accuracy and the new logger electronic design guarantees long battery life. Operator programmable sample rates starting at 1 second, allow collection of up to 100 000 data points per sensor.
The antenna diversity concept secures an unmatched RF communication reliability.

• Temperature range for complete logger: -85°C to 140°C
• Single sensor only
• Sensor length 1.5, 3, 6, 9”
• Sensor diameter 3mm; 0.118”

Sensor Type Single Sensor
Sensor Length 1.5, 3, 6, 9" inches
38, 76, 152, 229 mm
Tip Diameter 0.118"; 3mm
Measurement Range -85C to 140C
Accuracy -85C to 140C, 0.1C
Kaye ValProbe RT Generic Specifications
Logger Dimensions Hight: 1,9'' / Diameter 1,4''
48mm / 36mm
Logger Material Stainless Steel 316L and Peek
Battery Field replaceable - 3.6V Lithium
Sampling Rate Starting at 1 sec
Data Storage 100.000 Samples
retained in non-volatile memory
Real-Time Clock Accuracy < 15sec/day
Calibration NVLAP/DAkkS Calibration
Verification Automated User
Verification capability
Sensing Element Precision Platinum RTD
Environmental Temperature -85C to 140C
Environmental Pressure 0-5bar absolute
Environmental Humidity 0-100% condensing
Regulatory Compliance UL and CE

• Steam Sterilizer
• Dry Heat Sterilizers
• Steam in Place (SIP)
• Water Cascade/Fall Sterilizer
• Incubators
• Stability Chambers
• Freezers
• Freeze Dryer/Lyophilization
• Vessels

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