` ValProbe Temperature Logger


ValProbe Temperature Logger

Accurate, convenient & reliable process measurement for pharmaceutical & medical device applications

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The ValProbe family of temperature loggers is designed for accurate, convenient and reliable process measurement for pharmaceutical and medical device applications. The wireless design greatly simplifies monitoring and validation of serve and hard-to-reach environments. Probes are available in rigid, flexible and bendable version.

• RTD technology delivers unrivaled measurement accuracy over a wide operating range
• System downloads up to 10 probes simultaneously
• Easily defined cycle-based data collection, calculation, and reporting from up to 200 sensors
• Enables compliance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11
• Designed for easy on-site calibration
• Battery life indicator and field replaceable battery
• Reporting capability to merge with a Validator study or a RF ValProbe study

Sensor Type
Rigid Single Sensor
Bendable Single and Dual Sensor
Sensor Length
Rigid 1.5, 3, 6, 9 inches (38, 76, 152, 229mm)
Bendable 12, 24, 36 inches (305, 610, 915mm)
Tip Diameter
Rigid 0.118 (3mm)
Bendable 0.095 (2.4mm)
Measurement Range
Rigid -45C to 140C
Bendable -45C to 400C
Rigid -45C to 0C, 0.25C
0C to 140C, 0.1C
Bendable 0.25C from -45C to 0C
0.1C from 0C to 140C
0.2C from 140C to 250C
0.5C from 250C to 360C

• Sterilizers
• Ovens
• Tunnels
• Lyophilizers
• Stability chambers
• Warehouses
• Temperature chambers

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