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ZM203 Altimeter & Air Speed Indicator Tester

Accurately measures pressure, altitude, and air speed with user-selectable parameters

$2,405.00 CAD
Normally ships in 3-4 Weeks

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Meriam Process Technologies’ M203 Altimeter / Indicated Air Speed Tester accurately measures pressure from 0 - 900 mm Hg (17.40 PSI) relative to absolute zero. But that’s not all! In Pressure Mode, the M203 displays pressure in a variety of English and S.I. engineering units. Selecting the “ALT / IAS” unit from Program Mode converts the M203 to Altitude Mode for use in checking altimeter instrumentation. Pressing the ALT / IAS button toggles the M203 to Indicated Air Speed Mode for checking air speed instrumentation. Pressing the ALT / IAS button again returns to the Altitude display. English or S.I. units for Altitude and Indicated Air Speed are user selectable.

A timed leak test function is standard for Pressure, Altitude and Indicated Air Speed modes. The user sets the test period and starts the tests. The M203 displays Minimum, Maximum and instant values during the test period and then the leak rate per minute upon completion.

Other features include Minimum / Maximum value capture, selectable damp rate, back light, programmable auto-off timer and record function. Four “AA” alkaline batteries provide more than 100 hours of continuous use.

Range and Resolution 0 17.403 PSIA (0 900.00 mm Hg Abs)
2000.0 - 36,000.0 ft (609.6 - 10,973.0 m)
0 496.4 Knots* (0 571.3 mph, 0 919.4 km/h)
Pressure and Altitude Accuracy 0.02% of F.S. (FS = 17.403 PSIA)
7 ft at sea level
10 ft at 10,000 ft
24 ft at 35,000 ft
Air Speed Accuracy 0.028 % F.S. (F.S. = 17.403 PSIA)
0.5 knots at 144 knots
0.1 knots at 470 knots
Operating Temperature -20 - 50C (-4 - 122F)
Storage Temperature -40 - 60C (-40 -140F)
Pressure Units in Hg, mm Hg, PSI, mBar, Bar, kPa, Torr
Altitude Units ft, m
Air Speed Units Knots, mph, km/h
Pressure Limit 77 PSIA (4000 mm Hg Abs - about 5 atm)
Power Four (4) AA alkaline batteries for 100+ hrs of continuous operation
Media Compatibility Fluids compatible with 316 SS
Display 2 line x 16 alphanumeric characters, back light, contrast adjustment
Connections 1/8 in female NPT (female), 316 SS
Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 14 oz6.9 in L x 3.8 in W x 2.3 in H
Leak Test User selects time period. Display shows Minimum, Maximum and instantaneous values during
test period, then shows leak per minute upon completion
Record Function Document up to 240 readings, automatically or manually). Saved readings can be recalled on
display at any time
Field Recalibration Two re-zeroing methods provide convenient field recalibration
Approvals CE compliant, ROHS compliant
Accessories Case with soft protective boot
* Note: the barometric pressure value at the instant the ALT / IAS button is activated will determine the maximum indicated air speed value
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